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Added in API level 24


UCharacter.BidiPairedBracketType Bidi Paired Bracket Type constants. 
UCharacter.DecompositionType Decomposition Type constants. 
UCharacter.EastAsianWidth East Asian Width constants. 
UCharacter.GraphemeClusterBreak Grapheme Cluster Break constants. 
UCharacter.HangulSyllableType Hangul Syllable Type constants. 
UCharacter.JoiningGroup Joining Group constants. 
UCharacter.JoiningType Joining Type constants. 
UCharacter.LineBreak Line Break constants. 
UCharacter.NumericType Numeric Type constants. 
UCharacter.SentenceBreak Sentence Break constants. 
UCharacter.WordBreak Word Break constants. 
UCharacterEnums.ECharacterCategory 'Enum' for the CharacterCategory constants. 
UCharacterEnums.ECharacterDirection 'Enum' for the CharacterDirection constants. 

Selection constants for Unicode properties. 

UProperty.NameChoice Selector constants for UCharacter.getPropertyName() and UCharacter.getPropertyValueName(). 


UCharacter [icu enhancement] ICU's replacement for Character. Methods, fields, and other functionality specific to ICU are labeled '[icu]'. 
UCharacter.UnicodeBlock [icu enhancement] ICU's replacement for Character.UnicodeBlock. Methods, fields, and other functionality specific to ICU are labeled '[icu]'. 
UCharacterCategory Enumerated Unicode category types from the UnicodeData.txt file. 
UCharacterDirection Enumerated Unicode character linguistic direction constants. 
UCharacterEnums A container for the different 'enumerated types' used by UCharacter. 
UScript Constants for ISO 15924 script codes, and related functions. 


UScript.ScriptUsage Script usage constants.