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Added in API level 24


Collator.ReorderCodes Reordering codes for non-script groups that can be reordered under collation. 
Replaceable Replaceable is an interface representing a string of characters that supports the replacement of a range of itself with a new string of characters. 
SymbolTable An interface that defines both lookup protocol and parsing of symbolic names. 
UnicodeMatcher UnicodeMatcher defines a protocol for objects that can match a range of characters in a Replaceable string. 


AlphabeticIndex<V> AlphabeticIndex supports the creation of a UI index appropriate for a given language. 
AlphabeticIndex.Bucket<V> An index "bucket" with a label string and type. 
AlphabeticIndex.ImmutableIndex<V> Immutable, thread-safe version of AlphabeticIndex
AlphabeticIndex.Record<V> A (name, data) pair, to be sorted by name into one of the index buckets. 
BreakIterator [icu enhancement] ICU's replacement for BreakIterator. Methods, fields, and other functionality specific to ICU are labeled '[icu]'. 
CollationElementIterator CollationElementIterator is an iterator created by a RuleBasedCollator to walk through a string. 
CollationKey A CollationKey represents a String under the rules of a specific Collator object. 
CollationKey.BoundMode Options that used in the API CollationKey.getBound() for getting a CollationKey based on the bound mode requested. 
Collator [icu enhancement] ICU's replacement for Collator. Methods, fields, and other functionality specific to ICU are labeled '[icu]'. 
CompactDecimalFormat The CompactDecimalFormat produces abbreviated numbers, suitable for display in environments will limited real estate. 
CurrencyPluralInfo This class represents the information needed by DecimalFormat to format currency plural, such as "3.00 US dollars" or "1.00 US dollar". 
DateFormat [icu enhancement] ICU's replacement for DateFormat. Methods, fields, and other functionality specific to ICU are labeled '[icu]'. 
DateFormat.Field The instances of this inner class are used as attribute keys and values in AttributedCharacterIterator that DateFormat.formatToCharacterIterator() method returns. 
DateFormatSymbols [icu enhancement] ICU's replacement for DateFormatSymbols. Methods, fields, and other functionality specific to ICU are labeled '[icu]'. 
DateIntervalFormat DateIntervalFormat is a class for formatting and parsing date intervals in a language-independent manner. 
DateIntervalInfo DateIntervalInfo is a public class for encapsulating localizable date time interval patterns. 
DateIntervalInfo.PatternInfo PatternInfo class saves the first and second part of interval pattern, and whether the interval pattern is earlier date first. 
DateTimePatternGenerator This class provides flexible generation of date format patterns, like "yy-MM-dd". 
DateTimePatternGenerator.PatternInfo PatternInfo supplies output parameters for addPattern(...). 
DecimalFormat [icu enhancement] ICU's replacement for DecimalFormat. Methods, fields, and other functionality specific to ICU are labeled '[icu]'. 
DecimalFormatSymbols [icu enhancement] ICU's replacement for DecimalFormatSymbols. Methods, fields, and other functionality specific to ICU are labeled '[icu]'. 
IDNA Abstract base class for IDNA processing. 
IDNA.Info Output container for IDNA processing errors. 
LocaleDisplayNames Returns display names of ULocales and components of ULocales. 
MeasureFormat A formatter for Measure objects. 
MessageFormat [icu enhancement] ICU's replacement for MessageFormat. Methods, fields, and other functionality specific to ICU are labeled '[icu]'. 
MessageFormat.Field Defines constants that are used as attribute keys in the AttributedCharacterIterator returned from MessageFormat.formatToCharacterIterator
MessagePattern Parses and represents ICU MessageFormat patterns. 
MessagePattern.Part A message pattern "part", representing a pattern parsing event. 
Normalizer Old Unicode normalization API. 
Normalizer.QuickCheckResult Result values for quickCheck(). 
Normalizer2 Unicode normalization functionality for standard Unicode normalization or for using custom mapping tables. 
NumberFormat [icu enhancement] ICU's replacement for NumberFormat. Methods, fields, and other functionality specific to ICU are labeled '[icu]'. 
NumberFormat.Field The instances of this inner class are used as attribute keys and values in AttributedCharacterIterator that NumberFormat.formatToCharacterIterator() method returns. 
NumberingSystem NumberingSystem is the base class for all number systems. 
PluralFormat PluralFormat supports the creation of internationalized messages with plural inflection. 

Defines rules for mapping non-negative numeric values onto a small set of keywords. 

RelativeDateTimeFormatter Formats simple relative dates. 

RuleBasedCollator is a concrete subclass of Collator. 

SearchIterator SearchIterator is an abstract base class that provides methods to search for a pattern within a text string. 

SelectFormat supports the creation of internationalized messages by selecting phrases based on keywords. 

SimpleDateFormat [icu enhancement] ICU's replacement for SimpleDateFormat. Methods, fields, and other functionality specific to ICU are labeled '[icu]'. 
StringSearch StringSearch is a SearchIterator that provides language-sensitive text searching based on the comparison rules defined in a RuleBasedCollator object. 
TimeZoneFormat TimeZoneFormat supports time zone display name formatting and parsing. 
TimeZoneNames TimeZoneNames is an abstract class representing the time zone display name data model defined by UTS#35 Unicode Locale Data Markup Language (LDML)
UCharacterIterator Abstract class that defines an API for iteration on text objects.This is an interface for forward and backward iteration and random access into a text object. 
UFormat An abstract class that extends Format to provide additional ICU protocol, specifically, the getLocale() API. 
UnicodeFilter UnicodeFilter defines a protocol for selecting a subset of the full range (U+0000 to U+FFFF) of Unicode characters. 
UnicodeSet A mutable set of Unicode characters and multicharacter strings. 
UnicodeSet.EntryRange A struct-like class used for iteration through ranges, for faster iteration than by String. 
UnicodeSetIterator UnicodeSetIterator iterates over the contents of a UnicodeSet. 
UnicodeSetSpanner A helper class used to count, replace, and trim CharSequences based on UnicodeSet matches. 


AlphabeticIndex.Bucket.LabelType Type of the label  
CompactDecimalFormat.CompactStyle Style parameter for CompactDecimalFormat. 
DateFormat.BooleanAttribute boolean attributes  
DisplayContext Display context settings. 
DisplayContext.Type Type values for DisplayContext  
IDNA.Error IDNA error bit set values. 
LocaleDisplayNames.DialectHandling Enum used in getInstance(ULocale, DialectHandling)
MeasureFormat.FormatWidth Formatting width enum. 
MessagePattern.ApostropheMode Mode for when an apostrophe starts quoted literal text for MessageFormat output. 
MessagePattern.ArgType Argument type constants. 
MessagePattern.Part.Type Part type constants. 
Normalizer2.Mode Constants for normalization modes. 
PluralRules.PluralType Type of plurals and PluralRules. 
RelativeDateTimeFormatter.AbsoluteUnit Represents an absolute unit. 
RelativeDateTimeFormatter.Direction Represents a direction for an absolute unit e.g "Next Tuesday" or "Last Tuesday"  
RelativeDateTimeFormatter.RelativeUnit Represents the unit for formatting a relative date. 
RelativeDateTimeFormatter.Style The formatting style  
SearchIterator.ElementComparisonType Option to control how collation elements are compared. 
TimeZoneFormat.GMTOffsetPatternType Offset pattern type enum. 
TimeZoneFormat.ParseOption Parse option enum, used for specifying optional parse behavior. 
TimeZoneFormat.Style Time zone display format style enum used by format/parse APIs in TimeZoneFormat
TimeZoneFormat.TimeType Time type enum used for receiving time type (standard time, daylight time or unknown) in TimeZoneFormat APIs. 
TimeZoneNames.NameType Time zone display name types  
UnicodeSet.ComparisonStyle Comparison style enums used by compareTo(UnicodeSet, ComparisonStyle)
UnicodeSet.SpanCondition Argument values for whether span() and similar functions continue while the current character is contained vs. 
UnicodeSetSpanner.CountMethod Options for replaceFrom and countIn to control how to treat each matched span. 
UnicodeSetSpanner.TrimOption Options for the trim() method  


StringPrepParseException Exception that signals an error has occurred while parsing the input to StringPrep or IDNA.