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Added in API level 21


TvContract.BaseTvColumns Common base for the tables of TV channels/programs. 
TvView.OnUnhandledInputEventListener Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when the unhandled input event is received. 


TvContentRating A class representing a TV content rating. 
TvContract The contract between the TV provider and applications. 
TvContract.Channels Column definitions for the TV channels table. 
TvContract.Channels.Logo A sub-directory of a single TV channel that represents its primary logo. 
TvContract.Programs Column definitions for the TV programs table. 
TvContract.Programs.Genres Canonical genres for TV programs. 
TvContract.RecordedPrograms Column definitions for the recorded TV programs table. 
TvInputInfo This class is used to specify meta information of a TV input. 
TvInputInfo.Builder A convenience builder for creating TvInputInfo objects. 
TvInputManager Central system API to the overall TV input framework (TIF) architecture, which arbitrates interaction between applications and the selected TV inputs. 
TvInputManager.TvInputCallback Callback used to monitor status of the TV inputs. 
TvInputService The TvInputService class represents a TV input or source such as HDMI or built-in tuner which provides pass-through video or broadcast TV programs. 
TvInputService.HardwareSession Base class for a TV input session which represents an external device connected to a hardware TV input. 
TvInputService.RecordingSession Base class for derived classes to implement to provide a TV input recording session. 
TvInputService.Session Base class for derived classes to implement to provide a TV input session. 
TvRecordingClient The public interface object used to interact with a specific TV input service for TV program recording. 
TvRecordingClient.RecordingCallback Callback used to receive various status updates on the TvInputService.RecordingSession  
TvTrackInfo Encapsulates the format of tracks played in TvInputService
TvTrackInfo.Builder A builder class for creating TvTrackInfo objects. 
TvView Displays TV contents. 
TvView.TimeShiftPositionCallback Callback used to receive time shift position changes. 
TvView.TvInputCallback Callback used to receive various status updates on the TvView