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Added in API level 10


public final class MifareClassic
extends Object implements TagTechnology


Provides access to MIFARE Classic properties and I/O operations on a Tag.

Acquire a MifareClassic object using get(Tag).

MIFARE Classic is also known as MIFARE Standard.

MIFARE Classic tags are divided into sectors, and each sector is sub-divided into blocks. Block size is always 16 bytes (BLOCK_SIZE. Sector size varies.

MIFARE Classic tags require authentication on a per-sector basis before any other I/O operations on that sector can be performed. There are two keys per sector, and ACL bits determine what I/O operations are allowed on that sector after authenticating with a key. and .

Three well-known authentication keys are defined in this class: KEY_DEFAULT, KEY_MIFARE_APPLICATION_DIRECTORY, KEY_NFC_FORUM.