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此模块处理服务器端包含文件(ssi)的处理. 列表中的命令当前并未完全支持.


 location / {
: ssi  on;


  • [#ssi ssi]
  • [#ssi_silent_errors ssi_silent_errors]
  • [#ssi_types ssi_types]
  • [#ssi_value_length ssi_value_length]


语法:*ssi [ on | off ]*

默认值:*ssi off*

作用域:*http, server, location* 在location作用域中将启用SSI文件处理.


语法:*ssi_silent_errors [on|off]*

默认值:*ssi_silent_errors off*

作用域:*http, server, location*

在处理SSI文件出错时不输出错误提示:"[an error occurred while processing the directive] "


语法:*ssi_types mime-type [mime-type ...]*

默认值:*ssi_types text/html*

作用域:*http, server, location*

Enables SSI processing for MIME-types in addition to "text/html" types.


语法:*ssi_value_length length*

默认值:*ssi_value_length 256*

作用域:*http, server, location*


SSI 命令



支持的SSI 命令如下:

  • block — command describes the block, which can be used as a silencer in command include. Inside the block there can be commands SSI.
  • name — the name of the block. For example:

: : the silencer : :

  • config — assigns some parameters with working SSI.
  • errmsg — the line, which is derived with the error during the SSI processing. By default, this string is used: "[an error occurred while processing the directive] "
  • timefmt — the time formatting string, as used in strftime(3). By default, this string is used:

: "%A, %d-%b-%Y %H:%M:%S %Z" : To include time in seconds use the format "%s" as well.

  • echo - print a variable
  • var — the name of the variable
  • default - if the variable is empty, display this string. Defaults to "none". Example:

: : is the same as : no :

  • if / elif / else / endif — conditionally include text or other directives. Usage:

.........Only one level of nesting is possible.

  • expr — the expression to evaluate. It can be a variable: ~~~
  A string comparison:  Or a regex match: Если в text встречаются переменные, то производится подстановка их значений.

- include — include a document from another source.
- *file* — include a file, e.g. 
 :  :

- *virtual* — include a request, e.g.

Multiple requests will be issued in parallel. If you need them issued sequentially, use the "wait" option.

- *stub* — The name of the block to use as a default if the request is empty or returns an error.


- *wait* — when set to yes, the rest of the SSI will not be evaluated until the current request is finished. Example: 


  • set - assign a variable.
  • var — the variable.
  • value — its value. If it contains variable names, these will be evaluated.


ngx_http_ssi_module 支持两种内置变量:

  • $date_local - 当前的本地时区时间.配置选项"timefmt"控制格式.
  • $date_gmt - 当前的GMT时间. 配置选项"timefmt"控制格式.


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