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Added in API level 1


public interface Executor

Known Indirect Subclasses

执行提交的Runnable任务的对象。 该接口提供了一种将任务提交与每个任务如何运行的机制解耦的方式,包括线程使用的细节,调度等。通常使用Executor而不是显式创建线程。 例如,不是针对一组任务中的每一个调用new Thread(new RunnableTask()).start() ,您可以使用:

 Executor executor = anExecutor();
 executor.execute(new RunnableTask1());
 executor.execute(new RunnableTask2());
However, the Executor interface does not strictly require that execution be asynchronous. In the simplest case, an executor can run the submitted task immediately in the caller's thread:
 class DirectExecutor implements Executor {
   public void execute(Runnable r) {;
More typically, tasks are executed in some thread other than the caller's thread. The executor below spawns a new thread for each task.
 class ThreadPerTaskExecutor implements Executor {
   public void execute(Runnable r) {
     new Thread(r).start();
Many Executor implementations impose some sort of limitation on how and when tasks are scheduled. The executor below serializes the submission of tasks to a second executor, illustrating a composite executor.
 class SerialExecutor implements Executor {
   final Queue<Runnable> tasks = new ArrayDeque<>();
   final Executor executor;
   Runnable active;

   SerialExecutor(Executor executor) {
     this.executor = executor;

   public synchronized void execute(final Runnable r) {
     tasks.add(new Runnable() {
       public void run() {
         try {
         } finally {
     if (active == null) {

   protected synchronized void scheduleNext() {
     if ((active = tasks.poll()) != null) {
The Executor implementations provided in this package implement ExecutorService, which is a more extensive interface. The ThreadPoolExecutor class provides an extensible thread pool implementation. The Executors class provides convenient factory methods for these Executors.

内存一致性效果:操作在一个线程提交之前 Runnable对象到 Executor happen-before其执行开始,也许在另一个线程。


Public methods

abstract void execute(Runnable command)


Public methods


Added in API level 1
void execute (Runnable command)

将来在某个时间执行给定的命令。 该命令可以在新线程,池线程或调用线程中执行,具体由Executor实现决定。

command Runnable: the runnable task
RejectedExecutionException if this task cannot be accepted for execution
NullPointerException if command is null